Private Labelling

Made in small production runs based on your requirements, we create, develop and manufacture a variety of food products. From our collection of high quality, flavoursome and natural jams, relishes and chutneys to bespoke product development based on your recipe or idea, we can work with you to bring your concept to life.Our core product range is available in various size formats and can be private label. 

View some of our clients projects below:

jones the grocer

jones the grocer is a gourmet food retailer based in the UAE. We work closely with the team to develop and produce a full range of private labelled products, ready for export.

Farmgate Fine Foods 1.jpg

Farmgate Fine Foods

With a focus on easy to use, full flavoured condiments and sauces, Farmgate Fine Foods range of relishes are hand made in small batches to maintain flavour and integrity. 

Farmgate Cheese 1.jpg

Farmgate Cheese

With a range of products specifically suited to various cheese types, the Farmgate Cheese range of products includes jams, jellies, dried fruits, oils and vinegars.