Condiments & Chutneys

Our range of savoury condiments, chutneys and relishes are made using fresh ingredients - prepared, pickled or cooked to perfection. Choose from our core range of flavours, or allow us to create your own flavour creation. 


Relishes & Chutneys

Traditional flavoured relishes and chutneys - perfectly cooked and seasoned to allow the freshness of the produce to shine through. 
Hand prepared and made in small batches to maintain the integrity and structure of the ingredients, each product is made to our old fashioned recipes to give that home made flavour an texture, free from artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings. 


Preserved Lemons

A staple of Moroccan and North African cuisine, our preserved lemons are hand cut, prepared and bottled, preserving the natural lemon flavour for recipes that need that punchy hit of citrus. Available in various flavours with the addition of chilli, cardamom or, cinnamon.



Pickled Vegetables

Our picked vegetables are made using no preservatives - just salt, sugar or vinegar. Fresh Australian produce is prepared and bottled, creating delicious, crisp vegetables and pickles for use in many different styles of cooking, or to simply enjoy on their own!